12 Struggles Skinny Girls Don't Tell You

Like naturally chubby people, there are naturally thin souls out there who can't seem to escape their destiny.

Many say that we are so lucky to not worry about flabs and tabs because thin is in our genes, but is skinny really ideal, are we really lucky? 

We have our struggles too you know and yes, I'm serious and they ARE real.

1. People don't believe we eat.

We'd die if we didn't, probably faster than you...so yeah, of course we eat!

And on the contrary, we and food have a stronger bond than our relationships in life. It's a sad truth.

2. Our go-to fashion is at the Kids Section.

Because our size is too small and boob-less this is the only place we belong. And sometimes the clothes are just really more fun than adult clothes...

or maybe that's just me...but you know, I don't think people appreciate it.

3. We are "Sexy"?

Yeaaaaaah.... sexy is different from skinny. So no, we don't flaunt it, there's nothing to flaunt, and bikinis on the beach?

Nope, nope, nope. Nope.

4. We can't sit shotgun or by the window in the car.

We just can't, we'd get booted out. We are destined to sit in the middle between heavy, sweaty dudes, with no seatbelt, where we best balance the weight.

If we sit at the sides the car will topple over, since our "weight" is basically non-existent.So for everybody's safety, no looking-out-the-window moment for us.

5. Wind and currents are life-threatening.

What's an average windy day for most is a tornado for us.

It's one thing to be underweight on the chart but everyone agrees we are weight-less in actual situations.

That's why we, and our friends, are worried that we'll get swept away and Never. Ever. be seen again.

6. People keep telling us to "eat up"!

Even though we already did! And nobody believes us and it's really frustrating; our friends and relatives feel responsible for keeping us healthy.

They also suspect that we're actually starving ourselves; bulimic or anorexic style. But, guess what? Overfeeding hurts too, so no thanks!

7. Everything hurts us so easily.

Sitting on anything without cushions hurts our butt bone like hell.
Riding a horse is a spear to the vagina and an elbow hitting the corner wall feels like Mjollnir pulverizing it

Anything could practically knock us out...i think. I hope not.

8. Exercising is a love-hate relationship.

Exercise isn't just for people who want to lose weight, skinnies want to gain muscles too.

But you know, there's the "losing weight" part of exercising and sports that prevent us from doing more. So it becomes a love-hate relationship, we love it but we hate that we lose weight over it.

So exercising is always a win-lose situation that we eventually forget about.

9. Nobody believes we're trying to gain weight.

Guess what, being skinny is no less difficult than being chubby.
We're both NOT on the ideal weight and body type.

At least you guys get to stand on the summit without trembling. My life feels like a leaf on a twig, of course i wanna gain weight!

There's a whole different level of self-doubt with what I can do with this flimsy body.

10. We are always hungry.

ALWAYS. Because that thing you call metabolism is abnormally quick for skinny girls.
Anything that's not a heavy meal feels like a pebble dropped into a drum of acid.

*...ptsssss... * 

11. We get cold as quickly as Taylor Swift's boyfriend swapping.

Sure, summer is hell for everyone but walking into an air-conditioned room alone is like walking into Winterfell.

We just don't have any fats to protect ourselves from the cold! And if we ever had to swim, cramps are bound to happen in less than an hour.

That's how "awesome" it is to be skinny!

12. Boobs? Sorry, what? where?

Nothing to see here. It's hard standing next to our more voluptuous friends. It becomes even more obvious what we lack.

Side view shots are also a no-no. Either the light from behind eats up what's left of our silhouette or we confuse people whether or not we are actually male. 

So, yeaaahhh.... No. Please move along.

(Because I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of this in representation of ALL skinny girls.)

Society secretly condemns us, we're not stupid, we know this.

Eat all you can and never even gain a pound? Yeeeeep...weight-conscious women are sooooo gonna kill us. I love you guys, please remember me for my personality.

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