11 Things Only Chubby Girls Understand

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They say "Chubby is the new sexy"... Check out what it's like to be one, shall we?

Here are the 11 things only chubby girls understand:

1. Shopping is a chore.

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You don't fit in normal ready-to-wear sizes. Guess what? You don't belong in the plus size section either.

2. People assume that you have a big appetite.

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When eating with a group, you are expected to eat as big as the guys, and you're one of the people in the table offered to have seconds.

Just so you know I may not look like it but my bulky storage knows when it's full.

3. Your friends and some people greet you by touching your flabby arms and tummy.

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...and tell you that you've gotten fatter, thinner then fatter again. It's an endless cycle.

4. You always hear comments like "You're pretty, if only you're two to three sizes smaller."

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5. You normally receive tea bags as gifts.

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I drink tea but not as often as you think..oh it's slims the tummy area, right..yeah, um, thanks.

6. When you're on a diet, people tell you to eat.

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They watch you control your urge to eat more and tell you "Aww you're not fat. You should eat, here have some of these.."

7. When you're not on a diet, people tell you to stop eating.

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8. You look young for your age.

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You always hear comments like, "You haven't aged a bit. You look the same."

Seems like fatty cheeks can do wonders to your face.

9. You look old for your age.

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You may be mistaken for somebody else's wife or auntie. Ouch.

10. People think you workout to be skinny.

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..when you only want to do is to maintain, um, this. 

11. Daenerys Targaryen is your queen.

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...because she really looks like one :)

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